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Solopreneur Money

Oct 31, 2022

As you move into starting your own business it is important to have concrete foundations so that you can be successful. 

My guest today is Tarryn Reeves, “The Book Queen” and CEO of Four Eagles Publishing. She has learned many lessons in her bumpy journey as an entrepreneur. In this episode, she’ll teach you...

Oct 24, 2022

Transitioning from a W2 employee to starting your own consulting firm doesn’t come with an instruction manual. There are many factors to consider. Will Bachman understands just how challenging it is to make that transition. 

On this episode of Solopreneur Money, Will breaks down his experience into 4 easy steps to...

Oct 17, 2022

Do you know what you need to do to stand out and get noticed online? Most solopreneurs don’t have the time it takes to spend on an effective marketing plan even though this is crucial to success. 

Shannon Kinney is the founder of Dream Local Digital. She is a marketing expert and a thought leader in the online space....

Oct 10, 2022

This isn’t my first episode on mindset. If you’ve listened to Solopreneur Money before, you know that mindset is a huge part of creating a successful business which is why we are exploring this topic with, health coach and mindset expert, Lisa Burbage today. 

Lisa understands the link between health, mindset, and...

Oct 3, 2022

Having high-quality contractors onboard to support you can help you grow your business. But to make the most out of your relationship with them, it is essential to be an excellent leader. 

Leading a team of contractors is different than leading a team of employees. Contractors are high-quality professionals who...