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Solopreneur Money

Mar 13, 2023


You’ve probably heard that you need to be able to tell a story to effectively market your business. This is true, but what is the best way to do so? 

Kristin Spencer is an expert storyteller turned copywriter and ghostwriter. She knows that finding the right words isn’t easy which is why you need to find your unique voice to make your words count. 

Kristin shares her expertise and helps us understand the 5 most common mistakes in storytelling that most business owners are making. 

Listen in to learn how to market your business through stories and ensure that you aren’t making these 5 mistakes.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Kristin’s story [1:27]
  • Avoiding ill-fitting clients [8:02]
  • A lesson from failure [10:40]
  • Improving on vulnerabilities [20:38]
  • Considering what your audience needs from you [25:18]
  • 5 common mistakes business owners make in their stories [29:22]
  • The money questions [40:30]

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