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Solopreneur Money

Jan 24, 2022

Do you find that the pressure of your daily work zaps your energy and ruins your mental clarity? If so, you may have an aversion toward the processes, structures, routines, and systems that are needed for emotional regulation. An ungrounded sense of self, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt can funnel people into a scarcity mindset which can cause many fears that affect business. 

Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and shamanic ecopsychologist who offers sensitive souls and intuitive empaths who are overwhelmed by modern-day life tools they need to protect and funnel their energy into the structures that support their biggest visions and missions. In this episode of Solopreneur Money, you’ll learn how to ground yourself and ground your energy so that you can boost your productivity.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • What is a soulpreneur? [3:12]
  • Loraines entrepreneurial journey [7:10]
  • Making sure you don’t become a longer, stronger caterpillar [17:32]
  • How Loraine created her own cocoon [22:21]
  • How to ground your energy to boost your productivity and your life [26:10]
  • Check for disharmony and imbalance [32:25]
  • The money questions [40:12]

How did Loraine become a shamanic ecopsychologist?

Loraine grew up in the rainforest of Suriname, a small country in northern South America. Growing up, she had a hard time managing her emotions and often got caught up in others’ conflicts. As an empath, she had trouble articulating her emotions. She understood that she felt more aligned in nature, but she suffered energy imbalances that took decades to identify and heal. 

She thought that studying clinical psychology would help heal her own energy and emotions but quickly discovered that wasn’t the case. That is when she began to incorporate shamanic work into her studies. After spending decades healing herself, Loraine was drawn to help others come into their own alignment. She now uses energy healing to help empaths and other sensitive souls clear their energy and make the most of their lives. 

Loraine’s why

Loraine feels that the mystery of nature is the wellspring, gold mine, and holy grail that we've been after in our quests, big and small, for centuries, and that it's been hiding right under our noses and we keep ignoring its sirens and wisdom.

She senses that the time of reckoning has arrived and we're all being called to step up. She believes that only by rediscovering our true nature and sharing our buried gifts with one another we will be able to leave the world in a better place for our children and future generations.

What is a soulpreneur?

As you listen to this episode you’ll hear Loraine talking to soulpreneurs, notice this isn’t the same as the word solopreneur that I use. Loraine’s reference is to people such as writers, artists, teachers, and people interested in improving energy. 

Energy and soul have roughly the same meaning in this context. These words reference the spirit and the spiritual which brings to mind the meaning, the wonder, and the magic of the sacred. Soulpreneurs have an interest in promoting these things. Soulpreneurs look to align the mind, body, and spirit. Are you a soulpreneur-solopreneur?

Are you taking aligned action or blind action to further your business? Learn how to stay aligned with your true self. Listen to hear tips on how you can start a practice of grounding yourself by reconnecting with something that you've already done. By giving yourself space and grounding yourself you’ll learn how to transform your fear into courage. 

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