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Solopreneur Money

Nov 22, 2021

Do you know anything about astrology? I didn’t know anything about it until I met today’s guest. Robin Wald is not only a certified life coach and certified yoga and meditation teacher, she is also a professional consulting astrologer and spiritual educator. Her company, Cosmic Wisdom Coaching, is the vehicle by which Robin supports her clients' success, growth, and well-being through her expertise and integrated wisdom.

In this episode of Solopreneur Money, Robin shares how she uses astrology to help her clients explore their goals and values to find their true purpose. Are you ready to learn how astrology can help you find your purpose? Press play now.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Robin’s story [2:32]
  • How long it took Robin to reassess her life’s calling [11:02]
  • How did she understand how to begin to build this business [14:35]
  • Astrology 101 [23:27]
  • What causes people to ask for her help [27:52]
  • How people work with her [38:31]
  • How she learned how to work with couples [41:22]
  • Finding your purpose is always the starting point [43:37] 
  • The money questions [48:05]

Robin learned how to take all her talents and turn them into a business

Robin Wald wasn’t always a certified life coach, she wore many hats before finding her true calling. After graduating from college, Robin worked in civil engineering. When she wanted a change in scenery she got a master's in nutrition and became a nutrition counselor. While helping her husband with his business over many years, Robin also became a yoga and meditation instructor. This is when she discovered that she loved teaching teenagers and introducing them to spirituality.

After she and her husband divorced, Robin recognized that she had to recalibrate her life. Her goal was to figure out how to take her talents and turn them into a business, and that is exactly what she has done with Cosmic Wisdom Coaching. 

Astrology can help you better understand yourself 

Robin has always had an interest in astrology and continued to learn more about it and develop her skills throughout her life. Astrology was one way that helped her make sense of the world around her. Robin mentions that astrology isn’t as woo-woo as people think; it is actually quite mathematical. 

Astrology can help you map your potential by giving you the psychological and archetypical language to help you understand yourself. Many people are searching for their highest calling so that they can better understand what they should be doing with their life. Astrology can be used to help answer that question. 

Not everyone expects to become a solopreneur

Becoming a certified coach helped Robin integrate all of her skills so that she could not only support herself but she could help others by using her natural gifts. It had never occurred to her that she could use her gifts to become a solopreneur. Her previous professional roles have always been in the background in support of others. She never had the ambition to be out front, but life changes caused her to reassess her situation. As a solopreneur, she has been able to create her own rules and structure her business the way that makes the most sense to her.

Could astrology help you find your purpose in life?

Has Robin piqued your interest in astrology? You can learn more with a Comprehensive Natal and Transit Astrology Session or Cosmic Wisdom Coaching Session. Head over to Cosmic Wisdom Coaching and use the coupon code SOLOMONEY10 to receive 10% off a session. 

Is your business in line with your purpose? Find out how astrology can help you explore your values to find your true purpose so that you can trust yourself and your own wisdom by listening to this interview with Robin Wald. 

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