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Solopreneur Money

Oct 4, 2021

Is your mindset holding you back from true success? If you are looking for a way to get unstuck then you are in the right place. Stephanie Bogan not only founded the Limitless Advisor Coaching program, but she is also my coach. I am so excited for you guys to hear her wisdom on mindset and learn strategies on how you can change the stories you tell yourself so that you can gain true freedom. Press play to hear how to change your mindset to create the life you want. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Stephanie’s story [2:12]
  • The 3 factors that contribute to our success [11:58]
  • Starting to change your mindset [15:40] 
  • 5 freedoms of epic entrepreneurs [25:50]
  • How to change your stories [30:22]
  • The cost of compromise [47:45] 
  • Getting clear on what is above the line and below the line [51:55]
  • The money questions [53:03]

How Stephanie Bogan became who she is today 

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Stephanie Bogan came from humble beginnings. Growing up with a mother who battled mental illness taught her to fend for herself at a young age. She learned that she had two choices in life: succumb to her circumstances or keep moving forward. Moving forward was the path she chose then and the path she continues to choose to this day. 

After enjoying the success of selling her business for 7 figures, Stephanie realized that she needed a break. She was great at the business thing, but she never figured out her why. She was burnt out after working so hard for so many years, so she stepped away from it all and decided to retire in Costa Rica. During this time she learned all she could about success and happiness. 

Changing your mindset can change your life and your business 

Stephanie had been quite successful in her business, but she didn’t get to experience true happiness until she retired. As she studied the science of happiness and success she learned that there are 3 factors that contribute to our success: environment, skills, and mindset. However, of these 3 factors mindset contributes 80% to our success. This means that the real work to become successful takes place inside our own heads. Mindset is the soil in which success grows.

How to change your mindset

Mindset is the system of beliefs that we hold about the world and which helps us respond to information. To change your mindset you need to systematically improve how your brain works. 

Much of the day we are on autopilot since our subconscious takes over to save energy. However, that subconscious tells us stories that aren’t true. If you can change the stories in your head you will become unstuck. Your belief system can become your rocket shooting you into success. 

How to build a wildly successful business

Stephanie discovered 5 freedoms that epic entrepreneurs enjoy. 

  1. Get clear on your vision and values so that you can work with purpose on your own terms. 
  2. Do work that you enjoy, not just in general but on a daily basis.
  3. Work with people that you enjoy.
  4. Enjoy all the financial success and abundance
  5. Live a life of happiness, fulfillment, and contribution

This podcast is all about gaining the freedom to create a life you love and Stephanie Bogan can help you do just that. If you are ready to build a wildly successful business then you can’t miss this episode. You’ll learn how to align the tongue in your mouth with the tongue in your shoes to make sure that you and your business are heading in the direction that you truly want. 

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