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Solopreneur Money

Oct 11, 2021

Have you ever felt stuck in your business? Getting unstuck can seem impossible, but with the right systems and processes in place, you can overcome the insurmountable. 

Nancy Becher is an expert at getting unstuck and that is exactly what she helps her clients do. She titles herself the Chief Flying Pig Wrangler of her coaching business, Business Success Unlimited--a title like that has got to pique your curiosity. I know it did for me! Join Nancy and me as we discuss her background, business coaching, systems, and how to get unstuck.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How Nancy got where she is today [2:02]
  • How Nancy got unstuck [5:20]
  • How she started her current business [11:25]
  • Who she works with [18:50]
  • Integrating programs to fit your business [21:22]
  • Mastermind [28:52]
  • The money questions [34:39]

How Nancy became the Chief Flying Pig Wrangler

Nancy Becher is not only a business coach, she is a speaker, trainer, radio show host, and author. Nancy has 35 years of experience since she has been in business from the age of 12. Business Success Unlimited took on its current form in 2009 after Nancy's battle with chronic illness. 

When severe nerve damage left her in a wheelchair, it permanently changed her life. Not only was she left disabled, but the aftermath also destroyed her business. Thankfully, one day Nancy had an epiphany when she realized that even though her life had changed it had not ended. She realized that she still had so much to offer the world. From then on, she has been determined to help other business owners that suffer from chronic illness.

How Nancy makes pigs fly

When Nancy began her battle with chronic illness, she was inundated by doctors' appointments and days that she simply couldn’t work because of the pain. She realized that to ensure that her business would survive, she would have to automate her processes and systems so that her business could run even when she couldn’t.

Once she discovered how to make this happen in her own business, she knew that she could help other business owners overcome their own hurdles. 

Nancy helps chronically ill business owners design the processes and strategies to create their own roadmap to success. She gives business owners the dreams that they started their business with back. 

Working with established solopreneurs, she teaches her clients how to make their systems run smoothly and effectively so that they can have more time and energy for themselves. She makes pigs fly!

Tips on how to integrate your systems to make your business run smoothly

Nancy has loads of tips on how you can integrate processes and systems to make your business run when you can’t. Just like in financial planning, when integrating these systems you must begin with the end in mind. 

Listen in as Nancy shares her stories and tips to get your business back up and running smoothly. I know you'll enjoy all that Nancy has to share with us today. After you listen, please make sure to leave a 5-star review on your favorite podcasting app. 

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