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Solopreneur Money

Nov 29, 2021

It’s not enough to simply generate ideas to improve your business. To ensure that your business grows you must execute those ideas. Today’s guest, Kevin Gainey, is here to teach us about effectiveness and execution. You’ll learn how to become more intentional so that you can become the person that you want by doing the things you need to do to reach your goals. Listen in to learn how to become more intentional, gain clarity, and be consistent. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • The events that changed Kevin's life [1:22]
  • The actions he took once he got better [6:40]
  • Effectiveness vs. execution [11:17]
  • Tactics to use to improve effectiveness [14:44]
  • The money questions [18:20]
  • How to find Kevin [24:15]

A medical event changed his life

I meant to have Kevin on an earlier episode of Solopreneur Money, but last spring he had a major health emergency that caused him to reevaluate his life. After experiencing an odd pain in his chest, Kevin decided not to ignore it like he normally would. That decision saved his life. 

Within hours Kevin was undergoing open-heart surgery and was unconscious for 6 days. His heart problem wasn’t a typical heart attack or another lifestyle-based issue; it was completely random. Kevin was lucky that he paid attention to his body at the right time, because of that and the excellent medical staff he is still here today. 

Kevin isn’t squandering his second chance at life

Naturally, a health emergency such as the one Kevin had, causes one to reassess their life, but the words of a nurse caused him to dig even deeper. The nurse told him that this second chance to live was given to him for a reason and that he shouldn’t waste it. Those words struck home and Kevin has been intentional about his life decisions ever since. Listen in to hear Kevin explain how this health emergency changed his life. 

Restructuring his business caused Kevin to enjoy a newfound freedom

Everything that Kevin does now is done with purpose. He wants to make the most of his second lease on life. This newfound intentionality led him to analyze his commitments, how his business was structured, and how he spends his time. 

Kevin assessed how to streamline the systems and processes in his business so that he could spend more time in his business rather than on his business. This action gave him a sense of freedom to pursue the work that truly fills him and to spend more quality time with his family doing the things they enjoy. 

Effectiveness and execution require consistency

To become the person you want to be you must do the things that person does. So if you want to become a writer you must write every day.

Consistency is key to becoming the person you want to be. This means that you need to execute--to do things you need to do on a daily basis. Just like investing $100 a month every month will get you further than $1,000 sporadically, consistency is key. Consistency defines who you are and who you will become. 

Kevin is presenting you Solopreneur Money listeners with a special offer to improve your execution and effectiveness by working on mindset and improving tools and systems in your business. Enjoy the first month of Kevin’s workshop for FREE by using the coupon code SOLOMONEY. Signing up for Kevin’s workshop is a great way to take action on becoming more intentional. 

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