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Solopreneur Money

Dec 5, 2022

Taking bold action is scary. However, if you want to break free from a life of drudgery and step into a life of abundance, bold action is necessary. 

Sha Sparks knows quite a bit about taking bold action. She recently stepped out of her comfort zone and into a life of exploration and freedom. Today you’ll hear her story.

Press play to hear how Sha Sparks embarked on her journey of self-exploration and drastic change. Her story will inspire you to overcome your fears so that you can make the changes that you need to move forward.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How Sha got where she is today [1:32]
  • How Sha changed her relationship with her father [8:43]
  • How to overcome fear [13:22]
  • How she learned about mindset [21:43]
  • The money questions [26:02]

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