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Solopreneur Money

Nov 8, 2021

Do you feel like your business isn’t as successful as it could be? Are you treating your business more like a side hustle or as a legitimate business? On this episode of Solopreneur Money, you’ll learn why it is so important to get legit so that you can succeed in your business.

Gordon Firemark helps business owners set themselves up for success by making sure they have all their ducks in a row. As an entertainment lawyer, he understands exactly what it takes to create a successful business since he has seen so many businesses thrive and fail. Today he shares what he has learned from his work with business owners, and he will teach you how to do the things that professionals do to achieve the results that professionals achieve. Press play to learn how to get legit and go pro.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How Gordan became the podcast lawyer [2:02]
  • What he works on now [11:03]
  • How to get legit and go pro [13:08]
  • The money questions [19:10] 

How Gordan became the podcast lawyer

Gordon became interested in the entertainment industry early in life. As a child, he frequently went to the theater with his family and even majored in theater in college. He wanted to go into the film industry, but his interests shifted after a teacher mentioned that he would make a great entertainment lawyer. 

After college, he applied to a grad school program and to law school. The future became clear when he only got accepted to law school. Although Gordon never envisioned himself as a lawyer, he has found his niche in the entertainment industry working with theater, film, and podcasts. 

How to become legit and go pro

In Gordon’s years of experience as an entertainment lawyer, he has seen business owners succeed and fail. This has provided him with a unique perspective to be able to analyze what it takes to succeed in business. 

Gordon noticed that the business owners who had a professional mindset from the beginning were more apt to succeed in their business. Rather than waiting for a certain milestone to legitimize their business, they did so from the get-go. His advice to solopreneurs is to think legit, plan legit, and behave legit. 

Have a plan

Once you get into a professional mindset then you can develop your plan for success. It is much easier to follow a plan than it is to figure everything out as it comes to you. Advance planning will help you to anticipate roadblocks and hurdles that come at you so that you can prepare your response ahead of time. When you work without a plan then you spend much of your time putting out fires. 

Think about how you can sketch out your plan for your systems and strategies, how you will make your money, and how you can structure a team of professionals so that your business can thrive. 

Create the right mindset

Success comes from creating the right mindset. Your business won’t be able to prosper until you change your mindset to one of success. Create the right attitude, vision, and execution to take your business to the next level. When you think that you are a legitimate business owner you’ll be able to plan like a legitimate business owner and behave like a legitimate business owner. 

In this episode, Gordon provides plenty of insights for solopreneurs and he even has FREE resources to share. Check out his FREE ebook and FREE guest release form for podcasters. Listen in to hear why it is so important to have your guests sign a release when they appear on your podcast. 

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