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Solopreneur Money

Dec 6, 2021

You may be aware of the benefits of having a gratitude practice, but have you ever heard of the idea of compulsive gratitude?

My guest today is B.T. Harman, a freelance content creator, speaker, and podcaster, who has a fascinating gratitude practice that we can all learn from. B.T. also shares his practice of self-mapping, which is an innovative activity that can help you better understand yourself by defining your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll love hearing this intriguing conversation with B.T. on a variety of topics. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • BT’s pilgrimage [1:22]
  • What does BT Harman do? [7:58]
  • The hardest thing about striking out on his own [11:24]
  • How he manages time [14:28]
  • How he uses gratitude to reframe his lens [16:37]
  • Learning how BT uses self-mapping to fine-tune his life [22:29]
  • How to spin all the plates [30:34]
  • The money questions [36:08]

What does B.T. Harman do? 

B.T. Harman is a former marketing executive turned creative strategist, podcaster, and speaker. His time in the corporate world was fruitful and full of learning and growth. The bulk of his career was spent at an amazing, values-based organization with a positive company culture. 

B.T. isn’t the typical solopreneur that couldn’t wait to get away from his tedious corporate life; he actually had a hard time walking away from his career. Despite all the positive trappings of his traditional job, in 2016, B.T. chose to resign to become a solopreneur who consults on storytelling and brand strategy. Disengaging from the structure of his career in the corporate world allowed him to enjoy the randomness and variety of solopreneur life. B.T. states that this was the best decision he ever made. 

Compulsive gratitude has rewired B.T.’s brain 

Mental and emotional health are important to good leadership, and one way to get to a mentally healthy place is through regular gratitude practice. B.T. describes his form of gratitude as compulsive gratitude. He reframes every thought he has through a lens of gratitude. This has helped rewire his brain to find positive outcomes, and, thus, his gratitude practice has increased his happiness. Compulsive gratitude has helped unshackle him from toxic emotions. 

The way he has achieved this rewiring is by using a comparing down strategy. Everyone knows that comparing yourself to others is a quick way to unhappiness; however, using the compare down strategy has led B.T. to feel a deep sense of thankfulness. He constantly thinks about his life in the context of those who are disadvantaged which helped him create an abundance mindset.

How B.T. uses self-mapping to increase his self-awareness

B.T. realizes that he is his greatest asset. With this realization, he recognizes how important it is to deeply understand himself. To help him interpret the inner workings of his mind, B.T. uses a strategy that he describes as self-mapping.

Essentially, what self-mapping entails is relentless attention to oneself. He takes careful notes on anything he notices about what he enjoys or doesn’t and what he is good or bad at. This way he understands his strengths and weaknesses and he can learn how to work around them. B.T. is careful to review the notes he takes regularly to make the most of what he has learned.

B.T. and I cover a lot of ground in this engaging conversation. Learn about his recent pilgrimage across northern Spain, how he handles so many tasks, and how he maintains his positive mindset by pressing play. Make sure that you never miss an episode of Solopreneur Money by hitting the subscribe button at the bottom of your favorite podcasting app. 

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