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Solopreneur Money

Apr 5, 2021

How I Built My Band - Meet Christina Miser, Ep # 31 

Christina Miser recently joined my band and has quickly grown into the role of band manager. She helps this band make beautiful music. Would you like to have a manager help direct your band? Learn what she does to lead and coordinate the inner workings of my band by listening to this episode of Solopreneur Money.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Hearing Christina’s story [3:12]
  • What you should be thinking about when hiring a rock star to manage your band [8:05]
  • The tasks that a band manager (aka executive assistant) can do [13:30]
  • Creating a partnership with an executive assistant [17:02]

How did Christina get here?

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, Christina went to work for a luxury hotel in Boston as an executive assistant and event planner. She had an amazing experience there and learned so much from her boss and the company culture. However, after 5 years in this role, she knew it was time for a change of scenery. She continued working in the hotel and event planning industry in Austin. After getting laid off during Covid, she grabbed the bull by the horns and began working for herself. Learn why she wanted to branch out on her own from her own voice by pressing play 

What does she do for me?

Christina wears many hats in her role with my business. She handles administrative tasks like handling emails, planning logistics, and keeping up with my calendar. She also does some client work and has recently found pleasure in creating a marketing strategy. Christina excels at creating workflows to achieve consistency. She really is the manager of this band.

What should you look for in a band manager (aka executive assistant)?

When you know that you can’t do it alone anymore, it’s time to look for an executive assistant. You’ll want to find someone who will help hold you accountable. It is important to trust them and have confidence in the work they do. They should be able to see your big picture. That way when you get stuck they can help guide you in the right direction. They’ll help you see the road ahead.

Start building your own band of rock stars

Are you ready to get started building your band? Don’t wait any longer! Last week I was able to work only 1 hour in my business thanks to the coordination of my bandmates. If you haven’t listened to all the episodes in this series start here so that you know exactly what to do to get started.

Check out my website to grab your FREE resources. These worksheets can help you learn how to build your band and reach your financial goals. If you are interested in a consultation you can send me an email or contact me through my website. All links are shared below. 

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