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Solopreneur Money

Apr 17, 2020

As you might imagine, I’ve been taking lots of calls from clients lately, every one of them concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for them financially. I’m happy to give my opinion and counsel on those matters, but it seems more important to first get a handle on the emotional and mental side of life. We make much better decisions when we’re in a good place in that respect.

To that end, I recently sent a letter to all my clients. This episode is that letter. It’s my view on how we all need to be thinking, taking care of ourselves, and then taking action. I hope you find something that’s helpful.

You’ll be interested in this episode if you…

  • Want to hear about action items you can do to get through this pandemic [0:51]
  • Would like to avoid fight or flight mode and do something productive [1:55]
  • Need to discover ways to manage the stress better and take advantage [2:45]
  • Want some financial tips to take advantage of the current economic situation [3:19]
  • Would appreciate knowing how the current situation is NOT impacting my clients [5:01]

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