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Solopreneur Money

Jan 18, 2021

We all have that one client that makes our heart sink every time they call. Have you ever wondered how you can let them go? 

Or maybe you have some old clients still with you even after you pivoted your business. Are you wondering how you can transition them out of that old business model and into the new one? 

I held on to too many clients for too long until one day I finally learned exactly what to do to let go of the clients that were no longer aligned with my business ideals.

It is scary to fire clients! Listen in to hear how I did it and learn how you can use my process in your own business. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Creating options for your clients to choose from [2:12]
  • Learning how to chat with your clients about your changing business [5:32]
  • Firing that PITA client [10:47]

Options are key

A while back I had transitioned from my old business model to a new one so that I could focus on giving more of my time to fewer clients. But I realized that I had way too many clients that were still clinging to my old way of doing business. The vision I had for my company wasn’t aligned with the reality of my situation. This is when I realized I had to let some clients go. 

After agonizing about this and seeking advice, I learned that the best way to do this was to give my clients options. When you give your clients options they have the opportunity to make the decision that is right for them and it takes the onus off of you. 

How to handle unprofitable clients

There are 2 ways to let go of a client, the first way is to transition them away from your old model. What I did was identify my unprofitable clients and then I created a template to email them all to arrange a time to chat with them personally. Over this phone call, I described the major changes that were occurring in my business. Listen in to learn the techniques I used to have this discussion.

PITA clients are a different story

We all have those PITA clients (pain in the ass!). You know the ones -- you dread their phone calls, cringe at their emails, ignore their texts… 

Most of the time these clients are the way they are because their expectations are not being met. Whatever those expectations are, the best thing to do is take responsibility. Recognize that they are not a good fit for your business, and set them free. 

Use my FREE resource to help you let go of misaligned clients

I want to help you create the solopreneur business that you envision and oftentimes this means letting go of clients. Please use this FREE template to help take the stress out of firing a client. Whether they are unprofitable or a pain in your backside it’s important to the success of your business and your own personal happiness to let those stragglers go. Remember, do not let clients rent space in your brain for free!

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