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Solopreneur Money

Oct 1, 2020

Alyse McConnell is a mindset expert and executive coach who is here on the Solopreneur Money podcast to help us understand our limiting beliefs. 

Alyse started her solopreneur journey years ago when she left her corporate job behind. She didn’t intentionally become a solopreneur, she was just consulting until she could find that next corporate job. But when she discovered that being an executive coach was her calling she never turned back. 

Alyse has so much to teach us about mindset, so hit play now to listen to Alyse’s words of wisdom.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Alyse’s journey to becoming a solopreneur [3:22]
  • The challenges that solopreneurship brings [7:52]
  • Powering past your limiting beliefs [10:58]
  • Strategies to overcome limiting beliefs[15:49] 
  • Creating a better version of yourself [27:02]
  • Choosing your own power [34:42]

Are you limiting your business?

Alyse has realized after years of coaching, that you can have the best of the best, yet still be far from achieving success. You can have the best strategies, the best systems, and the best tools, but If the mindset part isn’t working it’s very hard to be successful. 

What really limits people in business isn’t their tools and systems; it’s their mindset. Have you been trying to get your solopreneur business off the ground, but you find that there is always something holding you back? Alyse may know exactly what that something is. 

What are limiting beliefs?

Your limiting beliefs may be the one thing that is holding you and your business back. Any belief you have that isn’t actually helping you to create the life you want is a limiting belief. 

Limiting beliefs hold you back from bettering yourself. People often have limiting beliefs about time, money, and even themselves. Are limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your true potential? 

Alyse McConnell has some fantastic strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs. Find out how you can master your limiting beliefs and create the life business you really want.

How far can you go without your limiting beliefs holding you back? 

What if you chose not to believe what you do about money? What if your ideas about time didn’t limit you? What would your life look like? How far could you go with your business if you could get out of your own way? Learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs to make the most of your solopreneur business journey by listening to this interview with mindset expert, Alyse McConnell. 

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