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Dec 13, 2021

Have you ever taken a personality assessment and then promptly forgotten what you learned? This can happen with those types of tests because the labels they affix don’t have much meaning. My guest today, Cheryl Zalieckas, has modified a popular personality assessment tool by using animals to help you understand your own personality and that of the people around you. Press play to learn how to become a better communicator and listener by using animals to help you understand personality types. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How Cheryl became interested in personality tests [1:22]
  • How Cheryl started CElizabeth Consulting [5:15] 
  • How much easier it was to start her business than her husband's [9:17]
  • The animals personality types [11:19]
  • Each animal type and how to communicate with them [14:21]
  • Take a FREE assessment [29:33]
  • The money questions [32:20]

How Cheryl became a communication consultant

Cheryl Zalieckas is known as the efficiency and effectiveness queen among those who work with her. She has been in the healthcare industry for 21 years but has always had a fascination with different personalities, psychology, and leadership. She feels that understanding each personality type can help people become better communicators and leaders. 

When she found the DISC personality assessment tool Cheryl understood that it was a powerful mechanism that could help people learn to communicate with those around them. The only problem with the analysis was the titles for the 4 domains it uses leave the user with easily forgettable terms. When Cheryl heard a presentation that used 4 animals to describe the different personality types using the DISC assessment she understood that this model could help people improve their communication skills.

How to use the 4 animal categories to be a better communicator

The DISC assessment often falls flat for people that are interested in employing the tool but when animal categories are used, this boring analysis comes to life. Each of us knows someone that would be a good representative from each of the 4 domains. See if you can spot someone you know.

Gorilla - Dominant, assertive, and fast-paced decision-makers, gorillas are looking for results. This type of person likes to cut to the chase and get down to business. When communicating with a gorilla it is helpful to avoid small talk and stick to important details. Gorillas don’t want to be bogged down with the minutiae. 

Flamingo - Often described as social butterflies, people tend to flock to flamingos. Flamingos stand out from the crowd and make friends easily. They are generally spontaneous and inspiring. Communicate with flamingos by doing the opposite of what you would do with gorillas. They enjoy small talk and love to connect on an interpersonal level.

Chameleon - Just like the animal, human chameleons are amazing. They are process and systems-oriented since they like to make sure everything is running smoothly. Chameleons are easygoing and don’t mind doing whatever works for everyone else in the group. When communicating with chameleons it is important to be sincere and don’t be pushy. 

Turtle - Turtles love to ask why over and over. They want all the details before they can make any decisions. This group is often cautious and are described as rule followers. Process and procedure are important to turtles. They make sure to cross all the t’s and dot the i’s. When their extensive research shows that they are right, turtles can be obstinate and dig in their heels. When dealing with turtles make sure you are well prepared and organized with the information they need. 

How to get your FREE assessment and debrief

If you want to learn how to unlock the doors of communication it is important to know yourself first. You can do this by taking an assessment at If you put Gabe Nelson in the comments you’ll receive a free assessment and debrief. Solopreneurs need to be excellent communicators, so see how Cheryl can help you by checking out the packages on her website. 

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