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Solopreneur Money

Jun 27, 2022

Are you experiencing changes in your business but aren’t sure what that means? Have you been constantly comparing your business success with that of others on social media? 

My guest, Rai Hyde Cornell, joins me today to discuss the stages of business and what those stages mean. You won’t want to miss this interview if you are interested in aligning your business with your life dreams. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Rai’s story [1:22]
  • When did her whispers start [3:48]
  • What are her clients' biggest needs [6:20]
  • The 3 stages of business [10:32]
  • You may go back and forth between the stages based on your life [19:34]
  • The money questions [25:47]

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