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Solopreneur Money

Jan 10, 2022

My book, The Solopreneur’s Money Manifesto, is all set to publish tomorrow, January 11! Since many of you solopreneurs have thought about writing your own books, I wanted to share the process of how my book was created. 

On today’s episode, you’ll meet Mark, my ghostwriter from Scribe Media, who describes the steps that we went through to get my book published. If you have ever thought about writing a book of your own, you won't want to miss this interview to hear how Mark and Scribe helped me stay on track and get my book published.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Mark’s journey [1:32]
  • The scribe-author matching process at Scribe [6:38]
  • How the process works [11:20]
  • What happens if the matching process isn’t working [19:07]
  • The case study helped bring the book to life [21:56]
  • Lessons learned from the writer’s perspective [26:40]
  • The money questions [29:20]

Who is Mark Travis?

Mark Travis is, first and foremost, a storyteller. From an early age, he loved writing, but he really honed his skills during his years as a newspaper journalist. His role as a reporter taught him how to listen carefully, ask careful questions, think on his feet, and process what he heard.

Unfortunately, the days of local newspapers are coming to an end despite Mark’s 10 years fighting to save them as he worked on the business side of newspaper publishing. This industry decline led Mark to work with a tech startup before he tried freelance writing. With freelancing comes a feast or famine mindset which makes it hard to earn a steady paycheck. When Mark heard about Scribe, he was excited to work through the challenging hiring process and find a steady stream of clients.

Mark’s background in journalism and tech prepared him well for the role of ghostwriting at Scribe. He feels like the core of the job takes him back to his journalist roots and his years working in the business end of newspaper publishing prepared him to work with Scribe’s business-minded clients.

Scribe’s process to match authors with ghostwriters

Scribe works hard to match each author with the right ghostwriter. To do so, they dig in to discover the author’s North Star. Once they help the client flesh out what they are trying to write and who the target audience is, then they help match the client to the ideal ghostwriter. 

As a solopreneur who is approaching retirement, Mark knew he was the perfect fit for my book. Our process wasn’t all business; we built a relationship along the way which helped Mark discover my voice. 

The writing process

After our initial interview, Mark learned more about me and my goals for the book. He led me through the Scribe writing process by asking me a series of questions. He learned the basic idea for the book, my ideal audience, and my secondary audience. Using Mark’s questions, we were able to come up with an avatar and give them a name. Then, Mark wrote a few introductory samples to make sure he was capturing my voice. Listen in to hear how he not only captured my voice but improved it. 

Over a series of phone calls, we went through the content of the book which Mark used to create the first draft. After getting edits from Scribe’s professional editor, we went through a similar process to tweak the draft before getting the book ready for the production and marketing phases. 

The Scribe process sets the author and ghostwriter up for success. Listen in to hear how Scribe can help you write your story. They take the challenge and mystery out of the book publishing process.

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