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Solopreneur Money

Dec 27, 2021

I love writing thank you notes. They are a fantastic way to express your gratitude to someone for something you appreciate. Many business owners write them to their clients, but have you ever thought about writing a thank you note to yourself?

I was recently working with my coach when she suggested working through this exercise to help me express my gratitude for the events that took place over the course of this year. Listen to this episode of Solopreneur Money to hear how I worked through this process and how you can use this activity to help prepare you for the upcoming year. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Have you ever written a thank you note to yourself? [0:42]
  • How I work through this exercise [2:20]
  • Creating your thank you note [4:54]
  • Use your lessons as your guide for next year [6:57]

Take some time to pause and reflect on your accomplishments

As solopreneurs, we are always moving forward and looking ahead. We rarely take the time to look back to see what we have accomplished. By pausing for a moment to think about the year that has passed, you can take this as an opportunity to think about what you have overcome this year. 

The first step in this process is to grab two sheets of paper. I like to make the first one a mind map. Think through the year month by month and think about the biggest accomplishment, the biggest mistake, and the biggest challenge you had each month of the year. By working through this activity you’ll be able to think about the lessons that you learned from each of these. What have you learned from the past year?

Expressing gratitude can help you plan ahead

On the second sheet of paper you’ll write your thank you note. This can be a letter thanking yourself or thanking the year itself. In my note, I expressed thanks for learning to love travel, for learning that if I keep plodding along I can accomplish anything, and for learning to keep a cool head. 

After expressing gratitude for what you’ve learned you’ll probably notice some themes that arise that you were thankful for. Now it is time to plan the year ahead based on what you have learned. 

You can take the lessons that you learned to help you set your goals for the upcoming year. From those goals, create action items that you will do based on what you learned over the year 

Check out my YouTube channel to see my mind map and thank you note. How will you structure your mind map and write your note?

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