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Solopreneur Money

Mar 15, 2021

Welcome back to the 5th episode in the Virtual Team Series. So far you’ve learned that you need a rock star to help you in your business, you’ve learned where to find that rock star, how to onboard your rock star, and now it’s time to learn how to lead your band of rock stars. I want to make sure that you are learning from the best, which is why I’ve invited Tim Croll on this episode of Solopreneur Money. Tim will teach us 5 essential ways that solopreneurs can manage their team successfully. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Tim’s story [3:22]
  • Lessons from his journey [8:34]
  • 5 tips solopreneurs can use to manage their teams [11:05]
  • 4 Keys to personal development [17:50]
  • Managing things [29:30]
  • Leading followers [35:28]
  • Leading other leaders [41:25]
  • Becoming a mentor [49:12]
  • The money questions [53:33]

Tim Croll knows how to break down complex ideas into an action plan 

Tim Croll is a business growth strategist, with extensive experience in E-commerce, entrepreneurship, and organization development. His vast experience ranges from owning a service-based company to building a multi-million dollar e-commerce business. What sets Tim apart from other business strategists is his ability to communicate a complex business strategy into a step-by-step action plan. Are you ready to discover an action plan that will help you lead your band of rock stars?

5 steps to becoming a great leader of your band of rock stars

Picture a circle that is divided equally into 5 parts, we’ll call this circle the leadership flywheel. These 5 parts continually build on each other to create greater leadership skills. These 5 pieces are what you can use to help you grow to lead your band of rock stars. 

  1. Learn how to lead yourself. In order to be a great leader, you must focus on the needs of others. Use your power, influence, and money to help benefit others. To do this you need to continually learn and grow personally. You can do this by building a foundation first.
    • Grow physically - If you don’t take care of yourself physically you won’t have the energy to lead.
    • Grow socially - Build your relationships by acknowledging the baggage that you carry with you. 
    • Grow spiritually - There are ways to grow spiritually whether you believe in a higher power or not.
    • Grow mentally - Grow your character and self to sustain your business growth. 
  2. Manage things (not people). You can manage your time, finances, and goals, but not people. Learn how to pay attention to how you use your time by implementing a system that works for you. Create systems and standard operating procedures in your business to lessen the number of decisions you have to make. 
  3. Lead followers. You want to make sure to influence followers in a positive way. Have the character to lead positively. You can do this by using the 5 powers of influence over others: reward, coercion, position, experience, and charisma.
  4. Lead other leaders. This is when you become begin to develop your leadership team. You’ll train them to become better individuals so they can lead better. 
  5. Be a mentor. When you finally achieve this level you will be ready to lead by experience. It takes time and self-awareness to reach this level.

What were your takeaways?

If you are looking for actionable plans to get started as a leader of your rock band then you’ve got to press play. Tim packs a lot into this episode. Make sure to listen until the end to hear what my key takeaways were. 

Check out my website to get FREE resources to help you get started building your team. You’ll even find worksheets that can help you reach your financial goals. If you are interested in my financial services email me to schedule a consultation. 

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