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Solopreneur Money

Apr 26, 2021

Is there a bottleneck in your company? Is that bottleneck you? Jaime Jay from Bottleneck Distant Assistants joins me on this bonus episode of the Building Your Band series to discuss how you can clear that bottleneck and get your business flowing the way it should. Listen in to this solopreneur podcast to hear how you can optimize your systems so that anyone can take the reins. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How did Bottleneck Distant Assistant come about? [3:32]
  • What challenges did he face? [7:40]
  • How did he have the foresight to document his own systems? [11:55]
  • How can people utilize Bottleneck Distant Assistants? [14:39]
  • How does the time difference come into play? [25:41]
  • What about privacy concerns?[30:24]
  • The money questions [35:06]
  • About Jaime’s book [39:52]

What is Bottleneck Distant Assistants?

Bottleneck Distant Assistants is a team of remote-based professionals based in the Philippines. Jaime Jay has been working with distant assistants in the Philippines since 2006. When he discovered how well his own team of Filipino assistants worked with him he knew that other business owners could benefit from their services. 

Bottleneck Distant Assistants help business owners stop doing the wrong thing so they can focus on doing their best work. They do this by delegating those tasks that they don’t love. Bottleneck Distant Assistants can find someone that thrives on doing those things that you avoid doing.

Do something like it is the last time you are ever going to do it

Even before Jaime is ready to hire someone to complete a task he documents everything he does along the way step by step. Jaime not only takes a video of himself doing the task, but he enhances it with screenshots and written instructions. This has helped him to realize the tasks he enjoys and doesn’t enjoy. His motto is--Do something like it is the last time you are ever going to do it. Listen in to hear an amazing tip he shares to ensure that your team truly understands the task they’ve been given.

How can people utilize Bottleneck Distant Assistants?

Bottleneck Distant Assistants go above and beyond what a traditional virtual assistant does. Since they are not transactional-based the way that many VAs are, the distant assistants acquire an in-depth knowledge of your business. Another thing that sets Bottleneck Distant Assistants apart from VAs is that they provide their clients a specially crafted workflow guide that is broken down step by step. Listen in to hear how that can benefit your solopreneur business.

Jaime has been doing this for such a long time that he has so much to teach us. You won’t want to miss this bonus interview--the last one in the Building Your Band series.

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