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Solopreneur Money

Mar 27, 2023

Do you have a robust and active email list you regularly engage with? If you don’t, you should! Michael Neeley insists that the way to grow your business is through your list. Michael joins me today to show us how we can grow our list to grow our business. 

In this episode, you’ll learn what you can do to improve...

Mar 20, 2023

In business, you have to be a good listener to hear what your clients are saying to you, but you also have to be a good storyteller. Adele Fedorak is not just a storyteller: she is a story master, a story whisperer. Adele helps people share their purpose and vision through storytelling. 

You won’t want to miss the way...

Mar 13, 2023


You’ve probably heard that you need to be able to tell a story to effectively market your business. This is true, but what is the best way to do so? 

Kristin Spencer is an expert storyteller turned copywriter and ghostwriter. She knows that finding the right words isn’t easy which is why you need to find your...

Mar 6, 2023

Do you wish you had a wildly successful entrepreneur to show you the way to entrepreneurial success? Bryan Clayton is that person.

In today’s episode, Bryan shares the secrets he learned from his experience building a multi-million dollar landscaping business and then transitioning to becoming a tech entrepreneur....

Feb 27, 2023

You know you need to have effective conversations to make sales and grow your business, but that’s easier said than done. Expert communicator, Wendy Harris joins me today to discuss how to make conversations count so that you can make the sales you need without feeling like a used car salesman.

You will want to hear...