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Solopreneur Money

Jan 25, 2021

Are you confused about switching to an LLC, an S-corp, or maybe even a C-Corp? If so, you are not alone. What are the differences between these options and which one is right for you and your business? That’s what we’re here to find out! If you are trying to understand how to best structure your business to take...

Jan 18, 2021

We all have that one client that makes our heart sink every time they call. Have you ever wondered how you can let them go? 

Or maybe you have some old clients still with you even after you pivoted your business. Are you wondering how you can transition them out of that old business model and into the new one? 

I held...

Jan 11, 2021

There are many solopreneurs out there that think they are doing well but still cannot afford to scale and grow their business. Why? Lack of profitability. 

In this episode of Solopreneur Money, I will show you exactly how you can price your services for value and profitability. You became a solopreneur to create a life...

Jan 4, 2021

Do you ever wonder if there is something more? Are you struggling inside even though everything is going well in your life and business? 

This happened to me in 2018, everything was fantastic, I was making money, I spent plenty of time with my family, yet I found that I was coasting through life. I realized that if I...