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Solopreneur Money

Nov 15, 2021

Is your life filled with purpose and intentionality? If you are like most people, it’s not. My guest today is Alex Bunyan who has spent his working career interviewing and assessing thousands of professionals. That work has taught him that the majority of even the most successful people are floating adrift in their professional lives. 

Alex became an executive coach to help leaders find clarity and purpose so they can realize their true potential and live an intentional life. You won’t want to miss Alex’s golden nuggets of wisdom that he dishes out on this episode of Solopreneur Money. Grab your AirPods and be prepared to dig deep when you press play.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Alex’s story [2:12]
  • How Alex lost his way and found it again [22:41]
  • The biggest challenge in building Alex's business [30:37]
  • The role that purpose plays in your life [36:45]
  • The role that intentionality plays in your life [46:45]
  • The money questions [51:07]

Alex Bunyan bet on himself to pursue a life of purpose

Alex Bunyan grew up as the son of an RCMP officer in Canada. His upbringing was similar to the typical Army Brat lifestyle--moving every 2 years, always being the new kid, and constantly the outsider. While It may not have been easy to grow up in small, rural communities as the son of the local cop, Alex’s childhood taught him how to adjust to new situations and how to read people. 

Alex always thought he would become a high school English teacher, but a leadership opportunity in retail came along first and provided him with great money, plenty of freedom, and a wealth of learning opportunities. 

When Alex was let go in a restructuring event at the bank he worked at, he chose to take the opportunity to gain clarity and find his purpose. When he looked deep into himself he realized that becoming a leadership and career coach was the best way for him to live an intentional life. 

Are you sure you are following your passion?

Many solopreneurs have heard the advice “follow your passion,” but this advice is often misunderstood and poorly executed. This is because people fail to dig in and explore what their true purpose is. As a coach, Alex helps others explore this question and tease out their own answers. 

It is important not to confuse your job title with your passion. Your passion is about more than what you do for a living. Passions live beneath the functions of your work. 

Have you explored what motivates and inspires you? Are you living a purpose-filled life?

The next step is to get intentional

After you discover your true purpose it is important to take deliberate steps to live a purpose-filled life. This is where intentionality comes in. Intentionality is the follow-through that comes after finding your true purpose. Acting on the steps you need to take to structure your life around your purpose is being intentional. Have you thought about whether your life and business are in line with your purpose? Do you live an intentional life? 

Listen to this insightful interview with Alex Bunyan to hear how you can ensure that you create an intentional business and live out your purpose. 

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