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Solopreneur Money

Apr 12, 2021

If you plan on hiring a rock star to join your band, you’ll need to know how to delegate effectively. To learn more about how to delegate I have invited Gina Cotner from Athena Executive Services. You have heard of this company before if you have listened to the show because my own executive assistant, Christina, is contracted through Athena. 

Gina is a master delegator since she has trained so many executive assistants, and not only that, she has recently begun to delegate tasks within her own company so that she doesn’t have to work as much. Are you ready to learn how to delegate effectively? Press play to hear this interview. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How Gina got where she is today [4:02]
  • The problems she faced [9:32] 
  • How the executive assistant found herself without an EA [15:20]
  • How to create an expectation of excellence [21:20]
  • How to strike a balance between demanding and appreciative [30:30]
  • The money questions [32:15]
  • My 3 takeaways [41:02]

What does Athena Executive Services do?

Gina Cotner is the founder and CEO of Athena Executive Services, which is a firm that pairs virtual executive assistants with successful entrepreneurs and executives who feel swamped. Her team of high-caliber executive assistants takes many administrative tasks and projects off the plate of business owners, leaving them free to spend their time where they are needed most.

Athena Executive Services focuses on high-caliber EA performance for their clients. They constantly coach and develop their team in what it takes to have strong, powerful partnerships with executives.

Invest in the time to do the proper training

If you are hiring a rock star to join your band you don’t want to skimp on the training. You already know the tasks you want to delegate. It may take days, weeks, or months to train your assistant in a task, but if you want to relieve yourself of the duty then spend this training time wisely.

At the beginning of the training process, you will need to spell it all out and really define what you are looking for. Go slow in the training and don’t be afraid to micromanage at first. Know that this training process is an investment. Constant coaching and correcting is the key to excellence.

The buck stops with you

As a solopreneur, when you delegate a task to someone else you are delegating part of your company, so the task needs to be done the same way you would do it. If you want a job to turn out the way you would do it you have to continually inspect the work. You get what you inspect not what you expect. You need to check in periodically to see if the job turned out the way you intended. 

Listen to this fantastic interview with Gina Cortner to hear more tips on effective delegation--be sure to stick around until the end to hear the money questions!

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