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Solopreneur Money

Dec 20, 2021

If you have ever had a tech issue in your business, you know that IT influences every aspect of business. Since IT is so integral to businesses these days, it is important to rely on an IT consultant you can trust. 

Barbara Wittmann makes IT simple, sage, and strategic by working with leaders and their teams. On this episode of Solopreneur Money, you’ll learn what you can do to improve the role of IT in your business by becoming a better leader. IT problems aren’t always what you think. Learn the best way to solve them by listening to this episode of Solopreneur Money. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How Barbara got here [1:22]
  • What she is doing now [9:55]
  • Barbara’s IT wisdom [11:22]
  • How Barbara got to Death Valley [17:58]
  • The money questions [20:17]

How did starting a business in the US differ from in Germany?

Barbara Wittmann was a successful entrepreneur in Germany before moving to the US in 2016 to marry the love of her life. In Germany, she was an expert in innovation consulting and was known as a professional in her field. 

Upon moving to the US, she knew that she would start a new US-based business, but she had to learn how to navigate the unfamiliar rules and business structures that come with moving to a different country. 

Barbara went from being an entrepreneurial expert to becoming a novice. While it was interesting to learn new ways of doing things, at the same time, learning the ropes was a bit frustrating. She feels that the biggest differences between owning a business in Germany and the US are in banking and healthcare. 

What does Barbara Wittmann do?

Barbara makes IT simple, sage, and strategic by bringing out the best in the leader and the team she is working with. As a trusted CIO advisor she is able to synthesize everything she knows as an entrepreneur, leadership coach, and IT consultant. 

Since she had her fill in the limelight, Barbara now enjoys working in the background of the companies she assists. Barbara helps her clients establish structures that will help them become innovation leaders within their companies. She also helps her clients make difficult, strategic decisions. 

Do you have an IT solution overload?

Solopreneurs sometimes have an overload of IT solutions. They often buy everything they can to avoid having tech issues. This can lead to a number of subscriptions that they don’t really need and these costs can add up over time. As a solopreneur, you don’t have money to throw away. So take a step back and consider if you use everything that you are paying for each month. There may be many subscriptions that overlap or you simply don’t need

Walk your talk

You know that IT influences every part of your business because when something goes wrong everything can fall apart. One way to solve IT problems is by becoming a better leader. 

It is important to be an authentic leader by stepping out of the role of the typical CEO and getting back to your values. When you explore your personal values you can become an authentic leader. Being authentic means walking your talk and not leaving your values behind to chase money. 

Listen in to hear Barbara’s unique approach to solving IT problems. Learn how you can make business, life, and IT come together by creating synergies around you. 

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