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Sep 13, 2021

Suicide and depression are no joking matter but don’t tell that to Frank King. Frank is a comedian, a suicide prevention speaker, and a TEDx speaking coach who has given 6 TEDx talks himself. 

After finding Frank on LinkedIn and chatting with him, I knew I had to have him on the show. Since September is suicide prevention month, this is the perfect time to have Frank share his story. 

In addition to learning how to spot the signs that someone you love may be suicidal, Frank also shares what he has learned as a solopreneur. You won’t want to miss this valuable episode with suicide prevention speaker, Frank King. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How Frank got started as a suicide prevention speaker [2:12]
  • Frank’s TedX talks [5:22] 
  • Frank decided to a difference [8:52]
  • How he became the guy in his niche [12:03]
  • Combating depression [13:55]
  • Learning to spot the signs that someone is suicidal [18:39]
  • The money questions [23:59]

Frank King is a suicide prevention comedian--wait, is that a punchline?

Frank King is a suicide prevention comedian, this may seem like the punchline of an off-humor joke, but that is exactly what he does. Frank uses humor and levity to bring a little talked about subject to light. By spreading suicide prevention awareness, Frank is saving lives. 

Comedians have been around for ages, even medieval court jesters took on the job of humorously speaking the truth to the powerful on behalf of the powerless. Depression can make one feel powerless, so Frank brings a voice to those in his audience that feel they are fighting their battle alone. 

Suicide and depression are no joking matter, but Frank is not only familiar with depression and suicide, he lives with the effects of mental illness each day. Depression and suicide run in Frank’s family: he lost both his mother and grandmother to depression and has been suicidal himself. Frank has been diagnosed with generational depressive disorder and chronic suicidal ideation. Since he speaks from experience, Frank can speak honestly and openly in a way that everyone can understand. 

Becoming a TEDx speaker isn’t easy but it’s worth it

With 6 TEDx talks under his belt, Frank King knows a thing or two about the platform. He realized that he could use his experience with TEDx talks to help others. Frank became a TEDx talk coach to help people through the complicated application process.

The TEDx application is such a challenging process that many can’t even figure out where to apply. Frank walks his clients through this process and then assists them further by helping them formulate their pitches. 

TEDx is all about education, so Frank helps his clients articulate their lesson objectives and come up with the action items that the audience will take away from the speech. 

TEDx is an amazing springboard for other public speaking gigs, so after presenting their TEDx talk, Frank helps his clients expand their 12-18 minute speech into a 45-minute keynote speech that they can use anywhere. 

Finding the right niche can transform your business

Suicide and depression are serious subjects, but they have led comedian Frank King to the perfect niche for himself. As a solopreneur, he has learned how to create a lucrative business helping spread the word about his passion. Find out what other lessons Frank has discovered along his journey. You’ll also learn life-saving tips that could save your own friends and family. Chances are, you'll find this episode just as valuable as I did. If so, please leave a 5-star review on your favorite podcasting app.

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